Triton ATMs

For 40 years, Triton ATMs have set the standard in innovative cash-dispensing solutions. ARGO FT features an updated, next-generation design with added elements of a larger screen, PCI5 keypad and a touchscreen. Available in both walk-up through-the-wall and drive up configurations, these ATMs are a low-cost option for any financial institution.

Triton is known for our dedication to security. All our models run on Windows CE™, an embedded platform that Triton has tailored for added protection from fraud, malware and jackpotting. Other security measures include MACing, SSL/TLS and a firewall. For more information on Triton security click here.

 Available with a UL291 certified business hour or Level 1 safe, the ARGO FT comes standard with an electronic lock, or a Kaba Mas™ Cencon lock option. ARGO FT is ADA, EMV, and PCI 5 compliant with optional Triton Key Management, anti-skim card reader, NFC and more.



EMV Standard
PCI 5 Standard
ADA Standard
X3 Standard
NFC Option
Card Reader
Configuration Thick Wall – Walk-Up and Drive-Up
Kiosk Wall – Drive-Up
Display Size 15” (381 mm) Sunlight-Readable
Touch-Screen Customer Display
Rear Service Panel with 7” Touch Screen Display
Screen Graphic Sizes Full-Screen Ad 1020 x 764 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Welcome Ad 500 x 500 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Transaction Ad 1020 x 485 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Header Ad 1020 x 120 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Touch Screen Yes
UL291 Certification Business Hours or Level 1 Option

Windows® CE®

Printer 80mm Printer Presenter


ADA Compliant, PCI 5 Compliant
Triton Key Management Option



Card Reader

Dip EMV standard, optional Anti-Skim Dip EMV,
NFC, Motorized EMV

Cassettes 2 or 3 option
Lock Electronic
Kaba Mas Cencon Option
Communication TCP/IP with SSL
Dial Modem option
Signage Customizable LED Backlit Signage
Additional Features Triton Connect option
High Security Lock option
Rear Service Lock Option
Heater Option
Dimensions Drive Up, Thin Wall 61.1 H x 22.6 W x 34.5 D
Drive Up, Thick Wall 61.1 H x 22.6 W x 40 D
Walk Up, Thick Wall 61.1 H x 22.6 W x 40 D Weights 315lb – 724lb