The banking industry turned to Triton in 1985 for the development of the world’s first battery-powered and completely portable device for training consumers on an all-new technology: Automated Teller Machines. The ATMjr helped spur a revolution in the banking industry, and it is still used in more than 1,800 financial institutions worldwide. We proved to be such a good fit with the financial industry that over the next few years, we began to focus exclusively on financial services. Almost immediately, we began to deliver innovations that changed the industry.

In 1989, Triton developed CAS, the Card Activation System that allows financial institutions to instantly issue ATM cards with custom PINs. Combined with the ATMjr, the technology provided a powerful automated training aid and instant issue solution.



In 1992, Triton pioneered in-store cash withdrawals with the introduction of the Scrip terminal, a machine that allows a store’s customers to use an ATM card to generate a voucher that was redeemable for cash at the register. Soon, thousands of Scrip terminals were installed across the United States in convenience stores and casinos providing the consumer with a new outlet for making cash withdrawals.




By 1994, consumers’ need to access their funds through easy and quick cash withdrawals led Triton to develop a revolutionary small, convenient, and affordable ATM – the 9500 series cash dispenser. Few in the industry were prepared for the impact that the Triton 9500 series cash dispenser would have. ATMs were now a practical possibility for countless non-bank locations. Manufactured from 1994-1997.


Triton launched the 9600 series in 1997. Considered the workhorse of the industry, thousands of these machines are still in the marketplace more than 10 years later. The machine incorporated a number of ways to help retailers build ATM traffic including an all-new compelling modular design that can easily be upgraded, low and high-visibility signage and a color screen with advertising capabilities. Manufactured from 1997-2003.


The 9700 was introduced in 2002 with a sleek new design. It came standard with the De La Rue Minimech dispensing mechanism and a color screen, a customizable lighted high-topper or full motion video topper for advertising messages, and was expandable to meet future needs. Manufactured from 2002-2005.


The affordable 8100 model ATM was designed for merchants with low-traffic locations that might be over served with larger, more-expensive ATMs. The 8100 featured Triton’s TDM-50 dispensing mechanism, a top loading dispenser that was easy to handle and required less time for the merchant to load. Manufactured from 2005-2007.


Financial institutions started reaping the ATM cost/performance ratio benefit resulting from Triton’s success in the retail marketplace. In 2003, Triton released the FT5000, a secure through-the-wall unit, and RL5000 lobby units. The 5000 series leads the market with the utilization of the latest computing platform technology to provide the most cost-competitive feature-rich ATMs available on the market


Triton delivers again in 2006 with the FT5000xp, a versatile through-the-wall Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional-based ATM designed for banks and credit unions.  With the release of the XP models and the Triton Prism software, Triton was able to provide a high-quality solution including the processing platform, emulation and open-vendor support vital for financial institution customers, at an affordable price.  Triton’s Prism™ ATM software provided banks and credit unions with a simple HTML interface for customized screen content. Manufactured from 2006-2009.




Hurricane Katrina provided a major challenge for Triton in late August 2005. Fortunately, Triton had applied innovative thought and practices in the development of its disaster recovery plan. As a result of the forethought and planning, Triton’s Long Beach administrative, manufacturing and production facilities were back on-line within two weeks.


In 2008 Triton launched the RL2000, an affordable, feature-rich stand-alone ATM with more functionality and standard features than any comparably priced ATM currently in the market, in August 2007. The RL2000’s innovative design is based on Microsoft’s® Windows® CE operating system and Triton’s X2 main board, which makes the RL2000 as reliable as it is affordable.

Due to the popularity of and the accelerating demand for the new RL2000, Triton announced the end of life of the 9100. When the last model rolled off the production line, a total of 65,379 9100s had been built and installed in more than 24 countries around the world.



In March 2009, Triton introduced the RL1600, the new low-cost, yet feature-rich off-premise ATM. So popular was the RL1600 that it was named the CSP product of the year for 2009.

Also in September 2009, ATMGurus was officially launched. Leveraging Triton’s Memphis footprint, ATMGurus provides customers with multi-brand parts, repair and training support for their ATM fleets.



Triton announced the addition of the Traverse™ in February 2011 to the product line up. Expressly designed for the retail market, The sleek TritonTraverse™ is an extremely affordable entry-level ATM that finally merges the best of both worlds: the quality of the trusted Triton name, with a price point aimed at competing with low cost alternatives like the Nautilus Hyosung 1800 and the Hantle 1700W and other low-end off-premise ATMs



Another addition expanded the Triton product mix to include intelligent safe technology in the VersaSafe™, a remarkably fast, secure and accurate vault deposit system for cash-intensive businesses. It is the most intelligent high-tech means of tracking, storing, and balancing multiple cash sales. Versasafe when paired with VersaLink™, merchants can keep track of the safe’s activity 24/7 from a web based device or computer including via mobile iPhone and Android applications.



 ARGO 7 features an updated, next-generation design with added elements of security and easier-to-read keypads. For the first time in industry history, models are now available in an eco-friendly, printer-less model, reducing each machine’s carbon footprint and resulting in cost savings over the life of the machine.



Packed with the innovative features you’ve come to expect from Triton, the ARGO 12 has a sleek, modern design, a brilliant 12.1” color display and added security protection. Very versatile, ARGO 12 can be configured to use several available dispenser options. With capacitive touch function keys, the ARGO 12 is capable to perform contactless transactions via NFC and comes with all the latest regulatory features.



With a stunning 15” color display, touch screen, a sleek modern design, integrated topper and optional high topper, the ARGO 15 is ideal for marketing and branding. Packed with the innovative features you’ve come to expect from Triton, the ARGO 15 is capable of performing contactless transactions via NFC. It also can be configured for several available dispenser options.



Introducing, ARGO FT, the newest face in the Triton ARGO line. With a trim, polished look, a 15” touch screen and anti-skimming options, this ATM is an excellent, affordable banking solution. The ARGO FT, is versatile in either a through-the-wall or drive up ATM, offers high performance for a surprisingly low investment. The ARGO FT runs a Microsoft® Windows® Compact 7 operating system and Triton Dynamic Language (TDL).