Note Dispensing Unit

Triton ATMs

Remove temptation by removing the cash drawer.

The Triton Note Dispensing Unit secures cash in the safe and increases security by only allowing authorized staff to access and manage cash with your software interface.

Ideal for Cash Intensive Businesses

The compact NDU can fit in tight spaces and dispense large amounts of cash while increasing security. The Triton NDU provides a secure interface between the dispenser and a variety of PC application, allowing the merchant to automate the cash trail. The NDU helps to reduce employee theft because only authorized staff can initialize the system to dispense cash and with no cash drawer, there is no ready cash for thieves.

Complete with the Glory NMD-50 high-volume note dispenser, the NDU provides superior cash dispensing. The high-performance cash dispenser includes smart cassette logic and provides reliable, accurate and consistent handling of notes as well as detection of double notes — no matter what condition the bills are in. The NDU is also available with a taller cabinet if you want to add up to 4 cassettes.

Superior Engineering – Made in the U.S.A.

Easy to operate and easy to service, the NDU is manufactured in the United States by Triton Systems. A trusted name in the business world for more than 30 years, Triton pioneered retail ATMs and is known for providing reliable and affordable cash-related products and services.


UL 291 Level 1 Rated Safe
Heavy Duty 1/2” Steel Construction


Glory Global Solutions NMD 50
2 to 4 Cassette Dispenser 
2000 Notes Per Cassette

Dispensing Speed 5 Notes per Second
Lock Options

Electronic Lock with Time Delay 
Kaba Mas Cencon 2000 Lock

Physical Security

5 Bolt Floor Anchoring 
Vault Door Switch Alarm
Relocking Vault Door Design to Prevent Drill attacks


System provides secure interface between the dispenser and the PC application. Only the PC synchronized with the safe can dispense cash. 

Administrator must have access to the safe in order to initialize the system to allow dispensing of cash.

Triton will provide documentation the security protocol between the dispenser and PC application.

The PC application should store the dispenser keys in a secure, encrypted area of the hard drive.

Compact Design

Length: 22” • Width 16”
Height 28” • Weight 385 lbs