Blossman Gas T3MR Dispenser

Triton ATMs

The Triton T3MR Dispenser gives fleets access to secure, real-time management data on their vehicles. With customization reporting, remotely upgrading software, a ticket printer and access to the safest refueling nozzle in the industry, the Stäubli Nozzle, the Triton T3MR Dispenser brings world-class data management to fleets.


The Triton T3MR Dispenser Offers:

  • A simple user interface
  • Cellular-based communications
  • User customization reporting
  • Multi-level user access for Alliance AutoGas Members & Customers
  • Real-time management of cards and fleet resources
  • A complete end-to-end solution
  • Daily data file for back-office import
  • Ability to accommodate multiple fleets/users at a single location

Data Management:

  • The Triton system will ask for a Driver ID, Unit Number and Odometer reading each time after the fuel card is swiped.
  • Each customer also has a secure administrative password, enabling them to pull information from the Comdata portal at will and/or choose from the numerous fleet reports available through Comdata online using their secure password.