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Why send your manufacturing overseas when there is a cost-effective U.S. solution?

Outsourcing is an option that can provide your business with additional opportunities to grow and prosper. It frees up resources that can be redeployed toward developing core strengths and serving customers — helping you gain a competitive edge.


Trusting your production to so-called “low-cost countries” in Asia, South America or elsewhere can have significant hidden challenges:

• Language Barriers
• Shipping and Tax Issues
• Currency Fluctuation
• Differences in Business Cultures and Practices
• Unpredictable Quality Standards

These challenges are eliminated by choosing Triton, a full-function, domestic manufacturer located along the Gulf Coast in Long Beach, Miss. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you are dealing directly with the factory producing your product — right here in the USA.

Known as an innovator for over 40 years, Triton Manufacturing Services closes the gap between piece production and small-batch/low volume production. The workflow organization can be a mixture of both — elements of jobbing or batch production.

Your one-stop destination for manufacturing innovation.

Research and Engineering

Engineering Project Management

Software Development
(Embedded & Windows)

Hardware Development
(Electrical & Mechanical)

UL/ETL/TUV Certification Experience

Supply Chain and
Logistics Services

Highly Qualified Procurement Specialists

Oracle ERP System

Worldwide Supply Base

Vendor Certification Program

Warehousing and Distribution

Domestic and International Logistics Services

Manufacturing Services

Assemble-To-Order or Build-To-Stock Programs

Configuration / Customization

Testing, Inspection & Validation

Emphasis on Lean Manufacturing Principles

Scalable, Flexible, Cross-Trained Workforce

ARGO with Fujitsu G60

Blossman Gas
T3MR Dispenser

Note Dispensing Unit