Triton ATMs

Triton’s touchscreen ATM, the ARGO 7 & 7 ECO are available with a 7” color display and include all the innovative features you’ve come to expect from Triton. The eco-friendly printer-less model sends receipts via e-mail or text message and will save ATM deployers time and money over the life of the machine. No more service calls to change receipt paper or clear paper jams, and with a reduced carbon footprint, it is better for the environment.


One of the most flexible ATMs on the market today, the ARGO 7 & 7 ECO are available with six dispenser options. They come with a multitude of marketing and branding features, an integrated topper and a high-topper option and have the capacity to perform contactless transactions.


Available with UL291 certified business hours or Level 1 safe, the ARGO 7 & 7 ECO are ADA, EMV and PCI 5 compliant. ARGO 7 also includes added PIN security, advanced dispenser security, an optional security camera, a TKM option, MACing and a blue LED-lighted keypad.

For over 40 years, Triton has set the standard for manufacturing innovative cash-dispensing solutions. Specially designed for the retail market, Triton’s affordable, high-quality cash dispensers are built from the ground up in the United States and are easy to upgrade and easy to service.

EMV Standard
PCI 5 Standard
ADA Standard
X3 Standard
NFC Option
Card Reader
Screen Size 7’’ (178 mm)
Touch Screen Yes
Screen Graphic Sizes Full-Screen Ad 796 x 476– Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Welcome Ad 446 x 294 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Transaction Ad 796 x 300– Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
UL291 Certification Business Hours
Level 1 Option  (SDD/NMD Only)

Windows® CE®

Printer 60mm Standard
80mm Option
Printer-less Option


ADA Compliant
PCI 5 Compliant
Triton Key Management Option

Card Reader

Dip EMV standard, optional Anti-Skim Dip EMV,
NFC, Motorized EMV

Cassettes 1 – 4
Lock Dial Standard
Electronic Option
Kaba Mas Cencon Option
Communication TCP/IP with SSL Option
Dial Modem Option
Camera Optional
Topper Integrated
High Topper Option (Deep Cabinet Only)
Additional Features LED Indicators
Triton Connect Option
Door Switch Option
Control Panel Lock Option

57.2 H x 18.3 W x 19.6 D (in) Shallow
1453 H x 465 W x 498 D (mm) Shallow
57.2 H x 18.3 W x 25.8 D (in)
1453 H x 465 W x 655 D (mm)
193 lb (87 kg) — 231 lb (104 kg) – Business Hours Vault
615 lb (278 kg) — 655 lb (297 kg) – Level 1 Vault