RT 2000

Triton Legacy ATMs

The extremely reliable and affordable RT2000 gives merchants a low-cost, easy to service 24-hour alternative to more expensive through-the-wall ATMs.

The RT2000 boasts viewing options not available elsewhere in the market. Larger display options and the ability to keep sunlight at bay make this ATM the ideal choice for outdoor placement. The RT2000 is easy to install and maintain. Best of all, its low cost and reliability means your high-traffic ATM location can finally become a high-profit ATM location.

It’s no surprise this innovation comes from Triton. Triton customers know that our hallmark affordability is the result of decades of engineering and innovation.

EMV Option
ADA Standard
X3 Option
Card Reader
Screen Size 10.4″ color VGA LCD screen (standard) high bright
Sunlight viewable screen (optional)
Screen Graphics Transaction Ad 636 x 260  –  Formats jpg, bmp, gif, png
UL291 Certification Business Hours Level 1 Option
Printer 80mm Printer Presenter


ADA Compliant
PCI 3.1 Compliant
Triton Key Management Option

Card Reader

EMV Standard
Dip Anti-Skimming Option

Cassettes 1 to 2
Lock Dial Standard Electronic Option
Kaba Mas™ Cencon Option
Communication TCP/IP with SSL Option
Dial Modem Option
Signage Customizable LED Backlit Signage
Additional Features Triton Connect Option
High Security Upper Cabinet Lock Option
Dimensions Business Hours Cabinet 39″l x 16.9″w  x 62.6″h
Weight Business Hours 300lbs, Level 1 868lbs

TDM 100 – obsolete.