A Smart Safe Cash Management Solution for Retailers, CIT’s and Financial Institutions.

The VersaSafe is a remarkably fast, secure, and accurate smart safe system for cash-intensive environments. Retailers can quickly secure cash and dramatically reduce both internal and external shrinkage by eliminating cash touchpoints, while optimizing armored car carrier visits.

  • The VersaSafe, combined with VersaLink, can facilitate provisional credit and enhance reconciliation while reducing the float time associated with cash deposits to less than 24 hours.
  • The VersaSafe allows retailers to spend less time counting, reconciling, and banking money, resulting in more time managing your business.

VersaSafe, when used with VersaLink, becomes a smart safe like none other in the market today.

Provisional Credit

Accelerate the Credit of Funds with Provisional Credit

VersaSafe is provisional/same-day credit capable, meaning merchants who choose that option can receive same-day credit to their accounts on funds deposited in the VersaSafe. 

When paired with the Web-based monitoring system VersaLink, merchants can keep track of the safe’s activity 24/7 from a computer or other Web-enabled device. Merchants can view cash levels, both validated and dropped, to optimize visits. They can view, print, and save personnel, shift, and end-of-day audits. Also, the VersaSafe software and bill validator firmware can be updated remotely. Merchants can manage user accounts and VersaSafe settings and determine the overall health of the VersaSafe and individual components from anywhere at any time. Each VersaSafe is configured to communicate with VersaLink in real-time, meaning the information provided to the merchant is up to date, accurate, and timely.


VersaLink Cash Management Solution

VersaLink reports real-time data from VersaSafe using your smartphone or any web-enabled device, giving you complete remote monitoring abilities anytime, anyplace. The cassette capacity is also monitored and can be set to notify your cash-in-transit service for a pick up when needed.

VersaLink was developed with versatility in mind and is accessible from all major web browsers and provides real-time access to your Triton VersaSafe’s deposit levels, error status, cassette capacity and much more.

A Short Tour of VersaLink

  • The Overview or Home page displays at a glance dashboard information.  
  • The Reports section can generate reports such as deposit transactions, day close, user close, pick up close, status messages and more.  
  •  The Terminal Notifications section is utilized for setting notifications and notification preferences.
  • The Terminal Administration section is designed to facilitate the management of safe specific data.  
  • The Terminal Groups section is designed for grouping terminals in your chosen logical sets for reporting, viewing, and managing safes.  
  • The Profile section allows the VersaLink user to configure the user-specific options for VersaLink.


  • View cash levels, both validated and dropped, to optimize visits.
  • View, print, and save personnel, shift, and end-of-day audits.
  • Update VersaSafe software and bill validator firmware remotely.
  • Manage user accounts and VersaSafe settings.
  • Dispatch technicians via text message or e-mail notifications.
  • Determine the overall health of the VersaSafe and individual components. Putting these tools in the hands of the customer increases the customer’s ability to monitor and control their VersaSafe and their cash management system as a whole.


              Sign into VersaLink


VersaSafe transactional data can be communicated to financial institutions in several ways such as obtaining data directly from the VersaLink server or generating a custom file for each financial entity.

VersaLink was developed with the customer in mind. We have made several additions and modifications at the request of existing and potential customers. Please take a look at the product and get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.