Windows CE ™ is an embedded platform so it can be easily
tailored to specific requirements and functionality. Triton has
access to much of the CE operating system source code and
can provide updates beyond Microsoft™ support. 




ARGO FT paired with our lobby models, ARGO 15, ARGO 12
and ARGO 7, will ensure your customers’ great service at a
much lower price than you expect.

The Windows™
ce solution






Dissatisfied financial institutions that operate traditional Windows-based ATMs are discovering they really do have options. Triton’s locked down Windows Compact 7(CE) OS-based ATMs, eliminates  the headaches associated with what feels like the never-ending cycle of upgrading or replacing hardware to meet the standard Windows O.S. 

  • Comparable to Traditional Financial Institutions ATMs. Triton CE-based ATMs offer all of the traditional features banks, credit unions, and account holders have come to expect. Large 15″ touch-screens and a variety of configurable features allow for quick, convenient ATM use. The demand for cash withdrawal services has always surpassed that of deposit automation, and CE cash dispenser ATMs are capable of all the services of traditional Windows-based ATMs except deposit automation. However, there is no technical reason Windows CE cannot provide deposit functionality. With developments in online and mobile apps that allow for check deposit, as well as the availability of after-hours depositories, CE-based ATMs can meet cardholder needs at a fraction of the cost.
  • Cost Savings. CE-based ATMs are less expensive than their traditional counterparts, easier to service, and require fewer upgrades and patches. The overall cost for a Windows CE ATM is less than the price of upgrading some traditional Windows terminals and considerably less than buying a new ATM to meet Windows 10 requirements. Replacement parts are less expensive as well. Therefore, financial institutions can deploy a larger ATM fleet for the same price.
  • No Long Lead Times. Lead times for Windows 10 ATMs and upgrade kits are currently hovering between 90-120 days. Windows CE units are available in a matter of weeks, not months – ensuring financial institutions get their equipment when they need it.




 When it comes to security, Triton leads the pack. Triton ATMs feature a proprietary version of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Triton provides Windows® security patches with regular software updates, at no cost to you. Viruses, malware, and the like cannot be loaded on Triton ATMs because the operating system is locked, and Triton ATMs will only execute files that have been digitally signed by Triton. Triton even goes a step further by allowing ATM owners to decide who should have access to the ATM by limiting each person’s level of access to only those functions necessary for them to do their job.

Finally, there is ATM compliance. No other industry has been hit quite as hard as the ATM industry in terms of mandates. Each Triton ATM is fully ADA, EMV and PCI compliant.

Triton goes well beyond just supporting typical ATM transaction types. Triton’s software supports PIN changes, stamps, mini statements, and a host of other custom software applications such as prepaid phone top ups, dynamic currency conversion, cryptocurrency, variable surcharge and gaming payouts right there on the ATM. Unlike competitive products, Triton ATMs are locally controlled at the ATM level. Therefore, Triton ATMs do not require constant downloads from the host.

Any ATM purchase can represent a significant capital investment. That’s why Triton feels you should get the most from your Triton ATM using programs such as custom hardware branding, custom screens, and BIN-blocking for surcharge-free transactions. All of which can help if outsourcing your fleet is in your plans.





Protecting your investment is a high priority! Triton manufactures, repairs, and ships parts directly from its headquarters in Mississippi Triton’s partners are adept at providing the exact solution you need – whether you own equipment or a full turn-key managed solutions program. Triton also offers a remote monitoring solution, Triton Connect, that allows you to reset error conditions, load new custom graphics, monitor cash positions as well as a host of other features, all from the comfort of your office.

Triton ATMs communicate with the host processor using Triton Dynamic Language, a proprietary ATM message format pioneered by Triton, copied by all. Triton’s message format has been certified by almost every U.S. ATM host processor.

service & Support






Triton ATMs are economically priced – in many cases, costing less for a new Triton than the cost of competitive upgrades for EMV and Windows™ 10 solutions. Triton sticks with traditional ATM functionality. Studies show that less than 10% of all ATM transactions use envelope deposits or check imaging, so why pay for these expensive devices? Especially considering financial institutions are migrating to mobile deposit apps.

Triton offers full-featured cash dispensers in both lobby and through-the-wall configurations with options for UL 291 Level 1 vaults, high-capacity cassettes, and multiple cassettes. Beyond that, Triton can typically ship custom orders in days, not months!


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