Triton Legacy ATMs

Triton’s RL2000 packed tons of features into a compact design, making it ideal for both high and low-traffic locations.

This ATM, like other Triton products, is engineered and manufactured in the USA at our corporate headquarters on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We design and build the best-in-class ATMs with the highest quality and value for your investment.

These same products are supported by native English speaking customer service and technical support representatives that take your calls right in the Mississippi office, where Triton has over 40 years of experience in the self-service financial industry.

This experience also places us in the position as an industry leader in supporting the latest federal and network security requirements so you can rest assured your Triton ATM is compliant with regulations.

Triton ATMs support virtually all communication protocol technologies, ensuring a perfect fit in any location. All Triton ATMs run Windows®-based operating systems to ensure future upgradeability and provide a robust platform for advertising and branding.

For the most reliable and highest quality ATMs, nothing beats a Triton.

EMV Option
PCI 5 Option
ADA Option
X3 Option
Card Reader
Screen Size 5.7″ or 8″ color VGA LCD screen (standard) high bright.
Screen Graphic Sizes Header 636 x 90 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Full-Screen Ad 636 x 476 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Welcome Ad 322 x 476 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
Transaction Ad 636 x 476 – Format jpg, gif, bmp, png
UL291 Certification Business Hours and Level 1 (option)
Printer 60mm (standard) or 80mm (option)


ADA Compliant
PCI 3.1 Compliant
Triton Key Management Option

Card Reader

Dip (standard) EMV
Dip Anti-Skimming Option

Lock Dial Standard
Electronic Option
Kaba Mas™ Cencon Option
Communication TCP/IP with SSL Option
Dial Modem Option
Signage Low topper (standard)
High topper (option)
Additional Features Triton Connect Option
High Security Control Panel Lock Option
Dimensions Business Hours Cabinet 22.1″ L x 16″ W  x 49.5″ h
Weight Business Hours 175 lbs