Triton 9600

Triton Legacy ATMs

Triton launched the 9600 series in 1997. Considered the workhorse of the industry, thousands of these machines are still in the marketplace more than 10 years later. The machine incorporated a number of ways to help retailers build ATM traffic including an all-new compelling modular design that can easily be upgraded, low and high-visibility signage and a color screen with advertising capabilities. Manufactured from 1997-2003.

Technical Specifications
Customer Display Backlit LCD, gray scale (color optional), 340×240 resolution graphics capable (supports .bmp files)
Receipt Printer Fixed head thermal printer, 12 lines per second print speed, graphic capable, supports bar codes, 60mm wide paper
Modem 2400 baud standard, 14,400 baud optional
Journal Data Storage Standard electronic journal, optional floppy disk storage and program update capability
Operating Specifications
Temperature 10-40℃; 50-104℉
Relative Humidity 20% – 80%, non-condensing
Power Requirements 100-250 VAC, 50-60Hz; 2.4A @ 115 VAC; 2.2A @ 220 VAC
Height 57.5″ – 59″ (range reflects 1.5″ adjustable base)
Width 18″
Depth 23.5″
Weight 275 lbs.