Triton Legacy ATMs

What made the Triton FT5000 most popular with retailers, banks and credit unions was its highly cost-efficient operation. The FT5000 could be placed in a drive-up or walk-up configuration with two to four cassettes based on transaction volumes. You could count on the reliable service that made Triton a leader in the industry.

Powered by Triton Dynamic Language (TDL), our ATMs communicate with the host via a protocol widely accepted as the de facto industry standard. Certified by virtually every processor, the TDL platform is the backbone that supports faster processing, feature-rich software functionality such as Triton Key Management (TKM). Reliability, easy and inexpensive to service.

Although Triton no longer manufactures this product, there are compliance updates available, and technical support can still help customers with the very rare issues that occur. We also refurbish them for resale.

EMV Option
PCI 5 Option
ADA Standard
X3 Option
Card Reader
Screen Size 10.4″ color VGA LCD screen (standard) high bright. Sunlight viewable screen (optional).
Screen Graphic Sizes Full Ad – 636 x 476  –  Formats jpg, bmp, gif, png
Cabinet/Safe UL291 Certification
Business Hours
or Level 1 Option
Printer 80mm Printer Presenter


ADA Compliant PCI 3.1 Compliant
Triton Key Management Option

Card Reader

Dip Anti-Skimming Option

Cassettes 1 to 4
Lock Dial Standard Electronic Option
Kaba Mas Cencon Option
Communication TCP/IP with SSL Option
Dial Modem Option
Signage Customizable LED Backlit Signage
Additional Features Triton Connect Option
High-Security Lock Option for Upper Cabinet
Dimensions Business Hours Cabinet 39″l x 16.9″w  x 62.6″h
Weight Business Hours 300lbs, Level 1 868lbs