ARGO with Fujitsu G60

Triton ATMs

Known for setting new standards with innovative features, Triton has done it again! We are introducing the multi-function, off-premise cash recycling ATM — the Triton ARGO with the Fujitsu G60 bill recycler. This ATM and dispenser combination is perfect for countries madating alidating dispensers under SEPA rules.

The reliable and easy to service ARGO with the Fujitsu G60 allows ATM deployers to offer their customers the greatest transaction functionality possible in a compact, sleek modern design.

And, best of all it’s affordable — costing thousands of dollars less than traditional full function banking machines.

Cash Dispensing
Check Cashing
Check Deposits
Recycles Up to 4 Denominations
4 Recycling Cassettes
F53 Loading Cassette
Counterfeit Note Detection