Advanced Security Module

Keep Your ATM Secure

With the release of the ARGO product line in 2013, Triton introduced a new security module to improve the security of communications between the ATM’s mainboard and cash dispenser.  The Advanced Security Module (ASM) and updated software are available for legacy ATMs as well. Triton strongly suggests that this hardware/software upgrade be loaded on all your machines to help defend against man-in-the-middle attacks between your ATM’s mainboard and dispenser.

The Triton ASM uses a software key to secure the communication traffic between the mainboard and the security module which resides in the safe with the dispenser.  The software key is unique per ATM using a key exchange between the ASM and the mainboard of the ATM. Initiating the key exchange requires Master User credentials for the specific ATM as well as access to the vault. Synchronization is required anytime the mainboard or the ASM are replaced.

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