NMD 100

ATM Dispensers

The Notes and Media Dispenser (NMD) 100 is a tower configuration, friction feed multi-denomination mechanism, offering front or rear delivery of banknotes and other value media as well as single note and bundle dispensing. The NMD 100 offers the best in class functionality and lowest cost of ownership. The Glory NMD 100 Note & Media Dispenser OEM mechanism is fully modular, from one to eight denominations and has been designed to be the most cost-effective solution for full function ATM self-service applications. This makes it ideal for high foot traffic locations that require a high level of security.

NOTE: The Triton ARGO FT has rear delivery and up to 3 denominations and the FT5000 has rear delivery and up to 4 denominations.

The bundle presenter helps to provide enhanced security. The mechanism remains in full control of the notes until taken by the customer. With a maximum bundle stack of 50 ATM fit notes in one transaction, NMD satisfies any number of applications and country requirements.

The NMD 100 contains three advanced features, unique to Glory technology:

  • Intelligent Double Detection (IDD) – delivering accurate and consistent detection of doubles even when notes are severely degraded.
  • High-Performance Feed (HPF) – providing consistent and durable feeding and reliable handling of notes of all conditions.
  • Smart Cassette Logic (SCL) – offering a fully flexible solution with tamperproof cassettes which can be uniquely identified and individually replenished

Media capability- thickness ranges: 
Width: 2.20 to 4.33″ (58 to 92mm)
Length: 3.93 to 7.08″(100 to 181mm)

Maximum note bundle/transaction size- 
50 ATM fit banknotes

Maximum cassette capacity- 
Standard options: up to 3000 banknotes

Weight (without notes)- NMD 100 (with cassettes)  48.9lbs (22.2kg)