NMD 50

ATM Dispensers
The Notes and Media Dispenser (NMD) 50 provides a single denomination platform, upgradeable to four denominations. It is a tower configuration; friction feed mechanism offering front delivery of banknotes and other value media. With a small footprint, the NMD 50 has been specifically developed for the expanding retail sectors and meets the demands for multi-media dispensing such as tickets, stamps, phone cards and vouchers. 

The NMD 50 contains three advanced features, unique to Glory technology:

  • Intelligent Double Detection (IDD) – delivering accurate and consistent detection of doubles even when notes are severely degraded.
  • High-Performance Feed (HPF) – providing consistent and durable feeding and reliable handling of notes of all conditions.
  • Smart Cassette Logic (SCL) – offering a fully flexible solution with tamperproof cassettes that can be uniquely identified and individually replenished.

Media capability  
Width: 2.20 to 3.35″ (58 to 85mm)
Length: 3.93 to 7.36″ (100 to 181mm)

Maximum cassette capacity
Standard optionsup to 2000 banknotes

Weight (without notes)
Standard 1-denomination NMD 50 (with cassette):  36.2lbs (16.4kg)