PCI 3.1 / 5

Keep Your ATM Secure

In May 2020, PCI will no longer certify standard PCI PTS POI v3 device certificates designed to strengthen security and reduce compromise of Point of Interaction (POI) devices. Beginning Q1 2020, all new Triton ATMs will ship with our PCI 5 certified keypad, the T10.

Triton follows the letter of the law for PCI. For a Triton ATM, a tamper, resulting from removing the keypad cannot be reset without dual access to the Triton partner site to then go through the process Triton has set for reactivation.

Some manufacturers may have settings in management functions that allow keypads to be removed without tampering. We believe this is a potential security risk and may not meet PCI as intended.  You should verify with your manufacturer that they do not allow this in the field.

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