ATM Dispensers
The ECDM utilizes a large tactile wheel to clear jams quickly and anti-static brushes to reduce dispense errors. It also includes no loading tray to make cash loads efficient and solid construction with no use of belts will ensure many years of trouble-free dispenses.

Single-Denom – High Speed

  • Includes Integrated Security Software
  • Dispensing Speed: 2.5 notes/second
  • Capacity of 1,800 (removable)
  • Lockable Reject Bin
  • Double note detect module
Cassette Capacity
1,800 Notes (US)
Reject Capacity
Reject Bin: Max. 30 notes
Dispenser Speed 
3.5 – 4 notes/sec
26.5 lb (12 kg)
Note Type
Paper and plastic