Anti-Skim Card Reader

Keep Your ATM Secure

Skimming devices can be added to card readers so quickly they can easily go unnoticed. Triton’s anti-skimming device works by detecting metal near or on the card reader. If metal is detected, the ATM automatically goes out of service, logs the event in its journal, and advises Triton Connect. When the skimmer is removed, the ATM automatically recovers. The anti-skim card readers also employ;

Magnetic Field Interference in which a jamming signal is emitted to disrupt a detected skimmer’s reading of a magnetic stripe.

Encryption at Magnetic Head – Magnetic stripes are encrypted at the very first point at which they are read, defending against a skimmer inside the ATM’s cabinet.

Encryption of EMV Chip Card APDU – Data exchanged with an EMV chip card is encrypted on the card reader’s cable, defending against a skimmer inside the ATM’s cabinet.

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